3 Reasons why Wedding Professionals need an Instagram Marketing Plan

Ya’ll how awesome is it that we have the internet and so many visual apps to help us plan, decorate, and visually see work from others that we might potentially hire! Instagram specifically… We will talk about why you need an Instagram Marketing Plan as a wedding planner or wedding professional. 

Like seriously! Don’t you want to see the portfolio of someone you might spend thousands of dollars on!? Especially for your wedding!! 

My hand is raised. I sure do. 

I totally get it if you’re new to the industry. Girl, we all start somewhere! 

Don’t be ashamed, overwhelmed, or negative-thinking! 

Get creative and get after it! Make your own styled shoots and collaborate with others. 

It’s all about the connections! 


Okay, off my soap box. 


Let’s talk about 3 reasons why wedding professionals need to be using Instagram to market their business and why they need an Instagram Marketing Plan.


  1. It’s Visual

Yes, we all know Instagram is a visual platform. I like to think of Instagram as a working portfolio. ANYONE needing your services can see your images and what you have created. For example, a florist posts an image of a beautiful wedding bouquet for a bride. 

Then someone needing a wedding bouquet finds the image, and clicks through to the florists Instagram page, and sees all your other beautiful work!

You know what they think next?




They think “I want them to do X,Y,Z for my wedding too!!”


And they call you. 


I know “Ashley if it were that simple everyone would do it!”

And you’re right! There is a marketing strategy behind using Instagram for business and making your account optimized to reach people, but getting started on the platform is the first step!

Sure it’s scary and intimidating, but we all have to start somewhere. 


  • Building Relationships

I think number one is one of the most important reasons why wedding professionals need to use Instagram and have an Instagram Marketing Plan, but I also believe building relationships is another VERY important  reason why wedding professionals need to use Instagram to market their business. 

Now, the question is HOW do you build engagement on a visual social platform. I mean, I thought that’s what Facebook was all about?? Nope! 

I mean yes, but Facebook is not the only way to build relationships on social media. 

Do not only use Instagram as your visual portfolio for potential clients, but use it to connect with them!

When you are engaging with your audience, commenters, hashtags, and followers you are showing them that you care about them, value them, and are a true person! 

Your potential clients get to see your personality through your replies and engagement with them!

It is important to be consistent with your engagement. Engage with your audience and hashtags at least 30 minutes a day! 


  • E-Commerce



Instagram is becoming its own e-commerce website. People can purchase right from the app or they can book a call with you from the app as well. 

So, not only are you providing visual work for your potential clients to see, not only are you engaging with your potential clients so you build a relationship with them (Oh! This includes vendors too), but you are providing them a chance to easily access your services without ever leaving the app. We don’t want them leaving the app and getting distracted. 

So, I know Instagram can be intimidating and confusing. Trust me, I get it. But it is vital for business as a wedding professional. Having an Instagram Marketing Plan could really skyrocket your business quicker than any word of mouth could. 

If you are completely mindblown using Instagram for your wedding professional business or you just need help managing it. I’d love to chat with you to see how I might help you up-level your business with Instagram. 

Want to learn more about me and my services, click her to visit my homepage. 

XOXO Ashley

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