Why I Love this Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System with Carseat

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I could talk ALL DAY about this Baby Trend jogger Expedition Travel System and carseat combo! I FREAKING LOVE IT!!

My mom says all the time “man, I wish we had a stroller like yours.”

Okay, so let me tell you why we wanted this Baby Trend jogger with carseat before I tell you why we love it so much. 

When we were searching for items on our baby registry, we were looking for items that were versatile and could be used as our son got older and for our future children too.

In a baby stroller, we wanted an easy to push stroller, easy to pack in the car, could be taken on many different terrains–my husband and I love to go running hills and on dirt paths– and something that could grow with our children. 

We found this Baby Trend Jogger Expedition Travel System with a BONUS carseat. Like whoa! 

This stroller rides so smooth it’s ridiculous. I love the three large wheels, because it allows for easy mobility and turning. That’s another thing I wanted, something easy to turn if I had to carry the baby or was carrying things in my hands. 

I can drive this Baby Trend stroller with one hand ya’ll.. One hand! Even with a 30 pound toddler in it! 

It’s smooth like butter to push and has made life so so easy!!

Okay, let’s backtrack to when our boy was a newborn and an infant. 

Side Note: How sweet is that kid! ^^

The carseat part is amazing. Basically, the Baby Trend carseat comes with a base that you hook into your car. It has two ways to attach it to the car. One way is with the seatbelt and the other is by hooks in your cars’ seats. Either way works great. 

Then, you push a button and lift up the carseat part to get the carseat and baby out. It works great in any back seat. Once you have the carseat out, you simply place it in the stroller and it hooks into the cup holders of the stroller. 


There are two cupholders by the handle for your drinks, a closed compartment for keys or money, and the basket underneath can hold a ton of items! 

The other thing I love about our Baby Trend Stroller is that it will grow with our son. The front tray detaches and the seat of the stroller can be raised up or reclined to best fit the babies needs. 

Definitely recommend and I hope ours stays with us for all four kids!

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