The Flat Lay Paper

Product Photography Lab

You know your business could move to the next level, but your photos are only subpar. Whether your business is calligraphy, Teachers Pay Teachers printables, invitations, or any other paper based product– this course experience is exactly what you need to take your online presence to the next level and attract clients.

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Let me ask you a question: Have you been spending hours taking your product photos, trying to get that perfect flat lay look, but still aren’t ending up with the result you want?

  • Has your business’s online presence: social media, website, or shop suffered because your product photos haven’t been speaking to your ideal customers?


  • What would it do to your business, if you had beautiful professional photos on your sites that attracted your ideal customers greater than ever before?
  • What if you had a mentor that could coach you through the photography process, teaching you how to take beautiful photos that will up-level your social media presence, website, and online shop?

What I’ve learned:

I understand that taking high quality photos takes creativity, time, and practice. That is why I have spent hours perfecting my flat lay photography business. I have spent countless hours practicing, finding the right props, finding the best techniques, teaching myself professional editing tools, so I can provide my clients from all over with high-quality, beautiful branded photos and remove their stress.

AND NOW! I want to teach you to take your own high-quality photos, if you wish to do so. You have too much greatness to offer your customers to keep posting mediocre photos. Your brand deserves the high-scale quality it yearns for.

Are you ready to change the trajectory of your business, get recurring customers, and step into the full potential of your business with a coach that can support you in your dream?

The Flat Lay Paper Product Photography Lab

A coaching experience designed to walk you through each step of the photography process to help you in a step-by-step format create your perfect product flat lay for your paper goods. It will get you thinking creatively, and help you produce beautiful branded photos for your online presence. If you are an artist, educator, invitations designer, or any rockstar entrepreneur, The Flat Lay Paper Products Photography Lab is for you!


  • Use spaces in your home or shop to photograph photos using natural light
  • Use props you already have at your disposal in your photos
  • Find backgrounds that are appropriate for flat lay product photos
  • Use your newer phone to take your photos
  • Know what equipment to use if you don’t have the ability to use natural light
  • Style your Flat Lay photos so your product stands out
  • Learn what angles and settings to photograph in
  • Love your brand again
  • GROW!
  • And much much more!

The Flat Lay Paper Product Photography Lab is a step-by step coaching experience that gives you tools and techniques to keep you motivated and moving forward to improve your product photos online.

Trust me when I say your photos can
get to this...

This is for you if…

You are a product based business or a service based business that wants to take their own product photos, but don’t know where to start or how to get a beautiful flat lay.

You are hungry to make your online presence more attractive.You want your potential customers to “Stop the Scroll” when they see your products 

You are ready to take your product based business to the next level and break through your current slump.

You want to build great relationships with your customers so they keep coming back to you. 


You have no desire to uplevel your product photos

You would rather outsource your product photos

You are not ready to grow your product brand

***If you would rather outsource your product photos, click this link to see what photography packages I offer to online and local businesses. Don’t see what you are looking for, email me to set up a time to chat about a custom package.***

I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing product businesses. And I LOVE working with them, collaborating, and photographing for them. It is truly my passion in life. 

And I wanted to give you the opportunity to feel that passion as well.

Why? Because each product based business deserves to feel love and passion for their products and their business, if they had lost it. If their sales aren’t doing the greatest. If they are walking the line of closing. If they need to rebrand. They.. you.. Deserve to have that spark back. I mean you started your business because you were passionate about it right?! Could you imagine what a cohesive, branded look would do to your online presence, customer experience, and sales!

It does take a lot of practice, but that’s why I’m here to help!

It’s never too late to rebrand and refocus! Email me, DM me, or set up a call with me to see if this course experience is right for you!

I am so excited to offer this course and help you tap into a new creative side that grows your business, allows you to reach your goals, brings you passion and confidence, and exceeds your business expectations. 

Here's what people have said:

“I love the photos that Ashley provided! They came out bright and good quality. I can’t wait to work with her again!”
– Dena
Miss Tech Queen
I admit that I was a little nervous about whether my vision and style would come through in the photos, but after receiving my photos, I was so pleased, confident, and excited! She provided me with so many options, listened to my ideas, took my style and theme into account, and was very fast!
– Laura
Music City School Counselor

What's included?

  • Access to my props, supply, and equipment list
  • Access to me via email or Direct Message for questions 
  • Lighting and equipment tips and suggestions
  • Styling suggestions and techniques
  • Learn props to use
  • How to photograph using an iPhone or newer phone
  • Professional photography rules and patterns to follow when photographing
  • How to edit using Lightroom

What's the investment?

Imagine implementing all of my strategies in your product photos and you sell just one product because your photos attracted them. You’ve already received back that investment.


01 | When does the course start?

The course program is LIVE! Get started NOW. =))

02 | What if I don’t have a fancy camera?

Perfect! I show you how you can get the same results with an iPhone!

03 | Will I lose access to the course, if I don’t use it right away or if I can’t complete the lessons as fast?

Nope! You have lifetime access after purchase. PLUS you will get access to all updates and additions made to the course.

04 | I have a question, how is it best to contact you?

You can either email me, book a call with me, or send me a message on Instagram!

05 | What if I find that I don’t want to take my own product photos any more and that I’d rather outsource the photography? Can I get a refund?

Since this is a digital product, there are no returns. All purchases are final sale.

Have questions that you need answered before you commit?
Don’t keep them inside! Let me know!

 If I have learned anything as a product and food photographer, it’s that when I invest in my business, I am showing myself and my business that it is worth it and I believe in greater success then where I am currently. 

When I am coached and walked through something I desire to do, but have struggled with, I am confident that I will be successful and my business will thrive. Allowing my business and my passions to thrive, is ultimately what it’s really about.

We have to step outside of our comfort zones, if we want to grow.