Flat Lay Photography Equipment

Flat Lay Photography Equipment & Prop List

Do you sometimes feel lost looking through the endless websites with TONS of photography equipment?

Do you feel overwhelmed with all the options?

Do you have trouble figuring out even where to start?

I'm here to help!

I’ve put together lists of my favorite go-to equipment pieces, props, and backgrounds. Check out the links to give you ideas on what to look for when you shop!

Lighting Equipment

ESDDI Soft Box Lights

These lights are WONDERFUL! They pack away nice and easy in the bag. They only take 5-10 minutes to set up.

Light Box

If you prefer a light box, this one had good reviews and packs away nicely. It also comes with multiple background colors.

DSLR Cameras

Canon EOS 5D Mark iv

The Canon brand is amazing! It was highly recommended cameras by other professional photographers I asked.

50mm f 1.8 Camera Lense

This lens is one of the most recommended for food and product photography!

55 mm Camera Lense

This one also works great for food and product photography. I have used it with my flat lay photos and it got great shots and is easy to use.


There are SO MANY different backgrounds you can use for flat lay photography. I suggest choosing a subtle, non “busy” background so it does not distract your customer from seeing your product. You want the background to enhance and compliment your product, not takeaway from it.


Bessie Bakes has A TON of backgrounds to choose from. These are some of my favorites.


I absolutely love my vinyl backdrop! It is shiny and reflects light; however, in some photos it actually enhances your image. Vinyl is also less expensive than replicas. I would also suggest sticking your vinyl to a smooth surface to prevent fast weathering and damage.


Paper is a great way to add layering and texture to your images. Use it to add some color to half of your image or a small section of your image. 


I have a wide variety of props on hand. Your items will vary depending on your niche. Many of these items can be used in a variety of ways and in a variety of niches. 

Other items I have on hand that are not linked:

  • Fake/real flowers
  • Different kitchen supplies
  • Flower vases
  • Magazines
  • Newspaper
  • White poster board for background

This list is by no means exhausted. There are SO MANY different props you can use in your flat lay and product photos. This list is to just get you started if you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Search around the house for items you can use in your niche, have fun with it, and try many different combinations.

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