Gray Kids Table and Chairs Set

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I grew up in a family of all girls, so know how little boys act was a complete mystery to me. We NEEDED an activity center, and this table and chairs set was a lifesaver!

Until I had a little boy. 

I love love my sweet boy and for sure want all boys, but they are SUPER busy!! 

Our little guy is very active and we found that as our son turned into a toddler and needed more variety and things to do, we needed a space for him to do that. 

We wanted a space for him to do crafts, puzzles, coloring, and a space for him to call his own. Our little boy is short, so sitting at the kitchen table was not going to work well. 

We found this gray kids table and chairs and absolutely love it! 

The item looks just like the image. It is light gray on all sides and is a white on the top of the table and on the top of the chairs. 

The table and chairs set is wonderful because it has a lip around each side. Nothing rolls off! You know those pesky little crayons that tend to somehow find their way to the edge of the table? Well this table has a lip that catches them! 


It’s perfect. 


The chair is short enough that our 20 month old can get in the chair himself and scoot right up to the table. 

The other thing I love about this gray kids table and chair set is that durable! My 30 pound toddler LOVES to climb! He has climbed on this table –although he’s not supposed to– many times and this table does not wobble or sway an inch!

It is made so sturdy that a 30 pound toddler can not even move it. 

Okay, Mommas. The ultimate reason I love this table. Yes, the top of the table is white, but it is SO EASY TO CLEAN!! Crayon marks get on this kids table all. the. Time. but we just wipe it down once we are done using it and it is good as new again! 

I would recommend this gray kids table and chairs set 100 times over! 

Oh and better yet! It only took 4 days to arrive!!!


Go get ‘um mommas!

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