How to use Keywords on Pinterest to Boost Website Traffic

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Let’s talk about 10 ways to use Keywords on Pinterest to Boost Website Traffic

As mentioned, keywords are vital for growing your Pinterest account and boosting traffic to your website. 

Pinterest uses keywords—similar to Google— to organize content based on keywords people are searching for. 

Pinterest uses keywords written in:

  •  ALT text
  • The name the image file is saved under on your computer 
  • Text on the image
  • Headings of your blog post
  • Throughout your blog post
  • Board descriptions
  • Pin descriptions 
  • Bio
  • Board Titles
  • Text from images you are repinning

Yowza! That’s a lot! 

Well, with millions of users there has to be organization.

Okay, let’s talk about how to use keywords on Pinterest in these areas to boost traffic to your website! 

ALT Text

Now, while Pinterest doesn’t allow you to add ALT text to your images, you can add ALT text in other areas. 

Have a website? In every image on your website, there is an ALT Text section, add keywords there. As many as it lets you! 

Ashley, can I repeat keywords in images that aren’t that specific thing? Like can I write a keyword “podcasting” on an image that is of a business coach? Absolutely! Use the same keywords for each picture. 

My only suggestion is to make sure you use as many keywords in your niche as possible. 

Be sure to add keywords in the “tag” section of your blog posts and web page pages too! 

Image File Names

It is so easy to just download and save our images as random names— or abbreviations— BUT DON’T DO THAT!! 

But Ashley why not?! I am so busy I need to move as fast as possible! 

….Now, if you’re that busy… we need to talk about how I can help you.. because your doing yourself a disservice by cutting this short.

Name your image file/pin file with keywords related to your pn, post, and niche. Pinterest reads this information to organize pins too! 

Text on Image

As weird as it sounds, Pinterest uses the text written on the image to help with SEO and pin optimization. 

Not sure if you want to use text on your images? That’s okay, test out which style of pins works for you an your business. Remember the goal is click throughs. 

Heading for your Blog Post

Once you have Yoast SEO and Google Analytics set up for your website, Pinterest will use the blog post headings to help with optimizing your pins. So, make sure those have keywords in them. 

One tip for this, make sure the heading makes sense. Don’t keyword dump (like you’ll see later in this post). The heading needs to be understandable by your audience, but it should have long tail keywords in it. 

Throughout your Blog Post

When you use keywords in your blog post, make sure you use long-tail keywords, and make sure you have long-tail keywords throughout the blog post. You’ll notice that I rarely said “it” for blog post, and I use the words keywords and Pinterest a lot in this blog post. I’ve done Pinterest keyword research for this blog post title and am using keywords throughout this blog post to boost my SEO and reach! 

Be specific when you write your blog posts. Be intentional. And be keyworded! 

Pinterest Board Titles

Your board titles need to be keyworded with very specific long-tail keywords. If you are a local business, make sure you have that as well.. is this vital? No, but it helps. 

For example, if I am a local wedding planner, I might have a board for wedding venues. As a Pinterest Manager for wedding professionals, I would have a general wedding venues board AND specific wedding venue boards such as: wedding venues in Napa, Ca., wedding venues in Monterey,Ca., or even wedding venues in Rome (if I want to plan a wedding there).. the list can go on. 

The idea is to be local specific, so when people search that location, your pins show up. 

Pinterest Board Descriptions 

Now, we could talk about board descriptions all day, but if you are in a highly searched profession like: wedding planners, wedding photographers, catering, wedding florals, wedding dresses— you get the idea. You need to be keyworded in all places! Almost to the point where it sounds redundant. 

Now, how to keyword your board descriptions. After you do keyword research for your niche, use those keywords that you find and “keyword dump” them into the description. 

In your Pinterest board descriptions you also need 3-5 hashtags and a call to action! 

Pinterest Profile Bio

It is okay to write something fun and on brand for your bio. But make sure you have long-tail keywords, a few hashtags, and a call to action. 

Pinterest Pin Descriptions

When you write your pin descriptions, use as many long-tail keywords as possible. There is no right or wrong way to write your pin descriptions. Test it out! Schedule some Pinterest Pins that are all keywords, and schedule some pins that are more of a description of the image (something fun). Just remember that Pinterest pin copy is different than Instagram copy. You need to have a lot of description words in a Pinterest caption. 

Also include in the pin description:

  • location of the images—especially if you are a local business—
  • 3-5 hashtags (no more than 20)
  • A call to action

Text on images you are repinning

Make sure the pins you are repinning are in your niche and are what they say they are!

Okay, phew.. seem like a lot of work? Yes, yes it is.. 

 I hope this blog post helps you to understand how to keyword your website, images, and Pinterest in order to drive more traffic to your website and hopefully get more bookings!! 

If you are MAXED OUT ON TIME and need help optimizing your Pinterest page to get more traffic to your website that converts into bookings, send me an email or book a call with me! 

I’d be happy to chat about your needs and how I can help you skyrocket your business! 




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