How To Take Professional Photos with your iPhone

5 Tips to take professional flat lay photos with your iPhone.

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There is no question that having a professional camera can drastically improve the quality of your photos; however, it should not be a make or break situation. You can definitely take professional photos with your phone. In this post, I am going to give you 5 tips so you can take beautiful, professional photos with your phone. 

In this post I am using an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but any of the new phones should work too.

Download the free guide to get these steps in the printable version.

TIP #1: Get your set ready and Gather your props

Gather all of the props you will be needing for your flat lay photo. Anything that you think you might be using in your photo, have it handy. If you haven’t read my blog on How to Style a Flat lay head over there to find 6 flat lay styling tips. 

I suggest using a white poster board for your background, but you may choose any background you’d like. Check out my blog post about flat lay background tips, if you are needing some ideas. 

I would also buy foam board to act as a “light trapper” [I’ll explain below]


Tip #2: Set up your flat lay set near a window

We often think about just taking our flat lay and product photos on the kitchen table, because it is one of the largest spaces in our home. And you might be able to! If your kitchen is very bright and gets a lot of sun, I would definitely use the kitchen table as your set space.

If, however, your kitchen is dark, I would find the room in your house that gets the most light. Which room is the brightest? The kitchen? The bedroom? The sun room? Your choices are endless. 

For me, my bedroom gets beautiful soft light from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

** See image set up above**

You can see in the image that I lay my white poster board on the bed, and use the white foam board opposite of my direct light. Doing this, helps trap the light so it make my set as bright as possible. 

You also want to make sure that you photograph your flat lay when the light is softest. This will help your photos not have harsh shadows and colors in your photo.


Tip #3: Over Expose a Little

Over exposing your image will brighten the photo and help in the editing phase of product photos.

Don’t over expose too much, but just enough to brighten your image.

Tip #4: Soft Box Lights

If you are in the market for professional lights, invest in some soft box lights. These will help brighten your set up tremendously and cut back on editing time.

Tip #5: Edit with Lightroom

Even if you follow the steps above, you will still need to edit your photos. You can use the editing feature on your phone, but your photos may not come out too well.

See what I mean. 

Instead, I use Lightroom to edit. It’s fast and they even have a mobile app. 

I hope these 5 tips on how to take professional flat lay photos with your phone were useful! If you want a printable PDF of this list, click here to download your free How to Take Professional Photos with your iPhone Guide

And if you’re overwhelmed with the thought of spending countless hours trying to figure this out on your own, contact me to see how I can take the photos for you and let you get back to spending time on your clients and products. 

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