Reasons Why Wedding Planners Should Use Pinterest Marketing for Business

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Pinterest is visual.

We can see that.

But what does that matter for wedding planners wanting to grow their business using pinterest? 

What is the purpose of Pinterest for business?

First, let’s talk about what Pinterest is.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Think of Google. Google is a search engine, but the majority of Google is words. Pinterest is the visual side. 

Pinterest uses images, keywords, and backend SEO (search engine optimization) to help its users gain traffic to their pins. 

Next, think of why people use Pinterest. People use Pinterest to search, find, and save images they like or projects they want to try. In the wedding business, people use Pinterest to find engagement rings, engagement locations, engagement party ideas, wedding venues, wedding decoration ideas, wedding dress ideas, wedding rings, and the list can go on and on.

So, as a wedding planners having a Pinterest marketing plan is essential! Couples all over the world are going to Pinterest to find specific wedding ideas and using them to implement! Did you know that 40% of people on Pinterest are ready to purchase something?

So now we have the why wedding planners need to use Pinterest for business. Next we need to know how to have a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in order to help grow our wedding planning business. 

Why do we need a Pinterest Marketing Strategy in order to use Pinterest for business?

Well, we want people to see our images, repin them to their boards, click through to our website, and book us!

I always get the questions, do I need a website for Pinterest marketing? The answer is, yes it helps. The least you need is content and an Instagram account. I have had a wedding planner client’s Pinterest account take off and she went from 76 monthly views to 13K monthly views in just one month with only an Instagram account, but she bought my highest package and I was pinning 6 content images a day and repinning 30 images a day. So her work was getting noticed. 

What does a website do for your wedding planning business and Pinterest for marketing route?

Pinterest uses keywords and SEO on the backend of images and text to populate your pins more when people type certain words in the search bar. Within your website there is a Yoast SEO plugin you can add that allows you to include keywords. For every image on your site there is a section for ALT text. This ALT text section is where you can write backend keywords to help with SEO purposes. 

Where do I include keywords on my pins?

In later posts I go in depth on how to have a keyword rich Pinterest Profile. 

Some keyword tips on Pinterest are to keyword your board titles, board descriptions, pin descriptions, when saving images, and bio. Pinterest will use all of these to filter searches. Need more info on how keywords search for Pinterest? See my blog post here. 

Another Pinterest for business tip is to make sure your images are clear and have a visually appealing Pinterest profile. Make sure it is branded.

Lastly, be consistent. So you can’t repin on the weekends, that’s fine. But, you need to be consistently repinning and pinning your own content to Pinterest each and every day in order to get your content noticed. 

Using Pinterest to market your wedding planning business is vital for the growth of your wedding business because Pinterest is a visual search engine. People use Pinterest to find relevant ideas for their weddings and life tasks. With proper optimization you can grow your business substantially! 

Want to grow your wedding planning business with Pinterest, but don’t have a lot of time to devote to it, or are mind blown with how to do it all? Book a call with me and to see if we are a good fit and how I can support you and your business using Pinterest. You can also check out my packages and pricing here. 

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